Sunday, November 22, 2015

A beautiful wedding at Treasure Island Marina, Kingston...

   Another day of blue skies and warm, fresh air.  The view was spectacular.  This was one of the most beautiful days we had for a summer wedding, not too hot with a welcoming breeze. This Bride and Groom were a breath of fresh air pleasant and easy to work with!  Thank you so much Liam and Ingrid for having us~ we were so glad to be a part of your wedding day!

     Treasure Island Marina is home to a restaurant called "Driftwood", but they also have a lovely Banquet Hall set aside from the restaurant, offering guests a lovely Venue with which to host a gathering. The vastly windowed room offers views all around of the harbor, also being surrounded by a wrap around deck which guests were welcomed to relax and enjoy the sunshine.  We literally brought this amazing meal together while set up outdoors in their parking lot, under the shade of our canopy/tent.

 Here are are a few of our servers preparing to deliver appetizers to the guests. 

For Appetizers we served:

Zucchini & Cheese Squares
Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce
Individual Vegetable cups with our Herbed Curry dip
Rice Crackers with Cream Cheese & Red Pepper Jelly

This Entree was delicious, colorful, healthy- and steaming hot (as you will see in these lovely photos the photographer sent for me! Thank you to Garrett Elliot for taking these and sharing. You will see more of his work as he was also the photographer at the wedding following this one!) For more information please contact him through his website listed on the photos.

For the Entree we served:

SHC Marinated & BBQ'd Canadian AAA Strip Loin Steak
Grilled Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts
Roasted Garlic & Herb Baby Potatoes
Grilled Herbed Skewered Vegetables
Garlic Sauce
SHC Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette
Bean and Corn Salad
Caesar Salad
Dills & Olives
Rolls & Butter

Thank you to the owners Dean and Alison for allowing us to work on your premises, and for providing a most beautiful location for us to work in. Thanks also to Judy- a tremendous help the day of the wedding and more!

Blessings on your marriage Liam and Ingrid!!

Paul, Aimee and SHC Staff...Reg, Marnie, Randy, Hilary, Sharon and Amy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

November ~ December & Christmas Catering...

Christmas Self Catering

Its the most wonderful time of the year...

I know this may seem early-not even to the end of October yet, but we are already filling up November and December with Winter weddings, personal & staff Christmas parties, and Galas.  We are booking weekends and weekdays, days and evenings.

While Turkey is the most popular Celebration food in the month of December, we are more then happy to provide a non-turkey Entree.  Prime Rib, Chicken Divan or Chicken Cordon Bleu are also nice additions.

We ask for a minimum of 30 guests, we require oven and kitchen use as everything is prepared fresh, and your meal serving requirements. (Plated, family style or buffet.)

Will you want appetizers served to your guests, or stationed at a table?  Are you interested in freshly prepared dessert items?

Lastly, we do not supply Christmas dinner on December 25th :)

I look forward to hearing from you to secure your date early.


Monday, September 14, 2015

A beautiful wedding at The Mill House, Picton...

     What a lovely time we and our staff had with this wedding. The setting was lovely, the menu was delicious, the Bride and Groom were so well prepared- and everything went perfectly. The only slightly negative aspect would have been the heat!! It was an overly hot September day- definitely far from the norm.  Thankfully, indoors at the Mill House where most of our work was being done, we were able to enjoy the air conditioning.  We greatly enjoyed this Venue, and are in fact already booked to return there to cater a wedding next August, of 2016. We are looking forward to more bookings at this location,

This is another Venue that I would highly recommend.

This Bride's job often requires her to plan and be a part of large events.  This was helpful to us, as she was both prepared and organized.  In fact, one of her Bridesmaids literally measured the distance between each item placed on the table...we didn't dare move anything!
This meal was served family style- our staff had to come up with some creative placement as we added many items to the tables to be passed around.  Thankfully, it all worked out in the end! 

The couple choose to have the bartenders serve a small appetizer selection, then we served both the Entree and dessert.  We served to each table-

Starter salad (plated and served)- SHC Maple Balsamic Salad

Upon clearing of the salads, we served:

Canadian AAA Strip Loin Steaks
Grilled Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts
Roasted Baby Potato & Sweet Potato medley
Marinated BBQ'd Vegetable Skewers
Garlic Sauce
Bean and Corn Salad
Rolls & Butter

For Dessert, we served a selection of homemade pie: Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Rhubarb, Dutch Apple, and Pumpkin- topped with fresh whipped cream and ice cream (and on some plates- both!) The guests raved and raved about this. I know one gentlemen that had 4 pieces- one of each, before he determined he had room for 1 more...but without whipped cream...I think he said he was going to roll out at the end of the night!

This was a lovely day.  Great people, a great Venue..what else would we rather do on a Saturday??

Thanks so much for having us Katie and Chris, and our thanks to the owners and staff from the Mill House.  We look forward to working with you all again!

Blessings!  Paul, Aimee, Marnie, Reg, Randy, Leah, Hilary, Sharon, Tory & Steve.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Catering a lovely wedding at Century Barn Weddings...

     We were back in Cavan, at Century Barn Weddings for another gorgeous day-to celebrate a beautiful Bride and Groom. (I admit, I am well over a month behind on our wedding has been sooo busy with all the weddings we have had!!) Yet again, the time and effort that went into this day was amazing.

This is a photo I took while standing in the loft.  Quite a view!

This is a photo of a sitting area, just in the wing doors of the barn.  Couples often set their seating charts here, or guests books.

We served appetizers under a shade tree, which was welcomed with the warm afternoon sun.

 For appetizers we served:    
   Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce
    Fresh Fruit Platter with Vanilla Dip  
Zucchini and Cheese Squares
      Assorted cold Meats, Cheeses and Crackers
        Hummus and Naan Bread
Guacamole Pizza...see photo below.  This was my first time serving this at a wedding, and let me tell you- the guests raved about them!! Cream cheese blended with fresh guacamole, topped with onions, bacon and olives...and other secret ingredients as well.... ;)

For the Entree we served:
SHC Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad
Bean and Corn Salad
Pasta Salad
Grilled Canadian AAA Strip Loin Steaks
Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts
Marinated Vegetable Skewers
Roasted Garlic and Herb Baby Potatoes
Garlic Sauce
Rolls & Butter
Dills & Olives

This was a delicious and filling meal that was greatly enjoyed by all.  We finished the evening with cutting the wedding cake, and serving it to their guests.

Another wonderful day at the Stewart Farm.  We are so honored to work with this lovely couple- and look forward to returning in 2016! Congratulations Marta and Mike. Blessings on your marriage!

Paul, Aimee, Marnie, Reg, Nathan, Randy, Leah, Hilary,

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A lovely wedding in Verona...

     This was one of those rare rainy days, where "Plan B" came suddenly into execution!  The Bridal party, family members, and wedding decorator had everything set up beautifully on the carefully manicured property of the Brides parents. The plan was for an outdoor "under the stars" reception, both welcoming and classy.  We received a phone call from the Father of the Bride mid-morning re-directing us to the Free Methodist Church for a buffet meal to be served there.  This was (sorry Katie!) sweet for us, as we suddenly had the use of a full kitchen including ovens, burners and refrigeration! Not to mention the fans...and air conditioning... ;)

While the amenities were a blessing, the work load was heavy!  Items were quickly moved to the Church, and a TON of decorations had to be set up- including an amazing backdrop to the head table. We had some of our staff in the kitchen, and several helping with set up.  In the end it was absolutely beautiful, and you would be none-the-wiser if you didn't know the original plan.

Great job Katie and Josh, it was a truly beautiful day.

I will show the few photos I have from their day.  In all honesty, we really didn't have time to take more!

Thank you so much for choosing us to serve at your wedding Josh and Katie.  The blessing was ours! And thanks for your excellent review, both here and on the Weddingwire!

Paul, Aimee & SHC staff~ The amazing group you see in the photo above :)