Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A lovely wedding in Verona...

     This was one of those rare rainy days, where "Plan B" came suddenly into execution!  The Bridal party, family members, and wedding decorator had everything set up beautifully on the carefully manicured property of the Brides parents. The plan was for an outdoor "under the stars" reception, both welcoming and classy.  We received a phone call from the Father of the Bride mid-morning re-directing us to the Free Methodist Church for a buffet meal to be served there.  This was (sorry Katie!) sweet for us, as we suddenly had the use of a full kitchen including ovens, burners and refrigeration! Not to mention the fans...and air conditioning... ;)

While the amenities were a blessing, the work load was heavy!  Items were quickly moved to the Church, and a TON of decorations had to be set up- including an amazing backdrop to the head table. We had some of our staff in the kitchen, and several helping with set up.  In the end it was absolutely beautiful, and you would be none-the-wiser if you didn't know the original plan.

Great job Katie and Josh, it was a truly beautiful day.

I will show the few photos I have from their day.  In all honesty, we really didn't have time to take more!

Thank you so much for choosing us to serve at your wedding Josh and Katie.  The blessing was ours! And thanks for your excellent review, both here and on the Weddingwire!

Paul, Aimee & SHC staff~ The amazing group you see in the photo above :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Catering A Vintage Wedding at Century Barn Weddings, Cavan...

     A  breezy sunny afternoon, a beautiful Century Barn, a group of friends and family... and a wedding? 
What a glorious day to celebrate the wedding of Aislinn and Ryan!

This was a wedding day where not everything matched, yet everything was tied together perfectly. The tables were overlaid with lace tablecloths purchased from the bride and groom, the napkins were all fabric, vintage and lovely. I was impressed!  The first thing you thought when you walked in the barn was "WOW".  Even with a guest count of 130, it felt intimate and personal.The groom handmade each of the flower boxes centered on the tables, and together they grew the flowers for the centerpieces.  A lot of work went into this DIY wedding, and it showed...

We served appetizers in the Courtyard alongside the bar which offered refreshments, and the guests own glassware which also listed their table number.

For appetizers we served:
SHC Spinach & cheese squares
Assorted fruit platters with vanilla dip
Assorted vegetable platter with curried herb dip
Soft and hard cheese, crackers and various salami slices

We had a special platter prepared for the Bridal Party, and ended up following them down a long country path where their photos were being taken.  One of our staff set up and stayed to ensure all went well!

For the Entree we served:
Grilled Honey Garlic chicken breasts
Marinated Vegetable skewers- peppers, mushrooms, red onions, zucchini
Roasted garlic herbed baby potatoes
Tabouli Salad
Bean and Corn Salad
SHC Maple Balsamic Salad
Garlic Sauce
Rolls & butter
Dills & Olives

Dessert consisted of items brought by friends and family members.  

This wedding was a joy to serve.  We love working at Century Barn Weddings, and greatly appreciate the hard work and upgrades Dave and Susan are offering.

We are back again next week here at Century Barn Weddings...more photos to follow!

Thank you so much for choosing us to provide your catering service.  
Blessings on your marriage Aislinn and Ryan!

Paul, Aimee, Nathan, Marnie, Reg, Randy, Joe, Leah & Hilary.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catering a beautiful wedding at Doghouse Studios in Napanee, Ontario...

          We are very excited about this Venue! What an absolutely lovely day for this outdoor wedding and reception, held at beautiful Doghouse Studios.  This Venue is receiving a lot of attention.  We can see why.  Not only is the building itself steeped in History (see my "blurb" copied from their website below), but the Venue itself  brings a feeling of warmth, both welcoming and charming at the same time. The building and decor lends itself well to very formal- to country casual.

 The Owners and staff at Doghouse Studios are great to work with.  They are professional, courteous, and accommodating. Thank you so much for having us; we look forward to returning in the future :)

We are at many Venue's throughout the wedding seasons.  This one has some really great features that are a bonus to us as Caterers, and to you as well.  For instance, Doghouse Studios includes in your rental fee: all of your tables, chairs, linens & dishware.  For us, we greatly enjoy the use of a kitchen, complete with both a regular and convection oven, as well as refrigeration and sinks. While we are able to travel to many unconventional locations and Venue's, this is a definite plus for us!

We highly recommend this Venue.

We served our Bride and Groom and their guests stationed appetizers which included: Fresh fruit and homemade vanilla dip, Vegetable platter with our curried herb dip, assorted cheese and crackers (including smoked and regular Cheddar, Marble & Boursin.) And assorted Cold meat rounds.

For the Entree, served buffet Style, we offered:

Marinated BBQ'd Striploin Skewers
Grilled Honey Garlic Chicken Skewers
Roasted Garlic & Herb baby Potatoes
Oven roasted Corn on the cob
Green beans with Sauteed peppers and red onion
SHC Maple Balsamic Salad
SHC Caesar Salad
Pasta Salad
Garlic sauce
Rolls & Butter
Dills & Olives

For dessert, we added our Pumpkin gingerbread cheesecake bars and brownies to the Cupcakes. (Provided through a friend of the Bride.)

 This is an excerpt taken from the Doghouse Studio Website-

"The name reflects the building's history as a major employer in the early 1900s. Incorporated on 10-08-1925 and in operation until 1978, the Ross-Miller Biscuit Company, headed by George Miller, "was a pioneer in the manufacture of food for fur-bearing animals."

After the plant closed, the building was purchased by the Gibbard Furniture Company for use as a warehouse. Gibbard employees affectionately nicknamed it "the Doghouse" as short-hand for distinguishing among the company's various buildings."

 Figuratively speaking, we are located just over a half an hour North from this Venue...which feels like it is pretty much in our own backyard!  We often travel hours to our events. We really enjoyed being within our community!

Thank you Emma and Carl for using our services.  Blessings on your marriage!

Paul, Aimee, Nathan, Reg, Marnie, Leah and Randy.

To contact the owners of Doghouse Studios, find their website at:

Phone: 613-484-0863

 Or facebook:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An Elegant wedding at Billings Estate Museum, in Ottawa, Ontario...

     What a perfect day for an outdoor Ceremony and reception. It was not too hot, a light breeze was constant, and the rain was kept at bay. This Bride and Groom were meticulous with their wedding details, and the smooth running day was evidence of their work. In fact, in a recent email just one month before their wedding date,  the Bride said to me "Our final wedding details seem to be falling into place effortlessly, I'm starting to wonder what all the fuss is about?!?!!?" 
 This was a great reflection of the Bride. What a joy to work with her!

Billings Estate Museum was an absolutely beautiful location to host a wedding and reception. The staff were super helpful and friendly.  The  Bride entered outdoors through the doors you see in the photo above, through the gardens and over towards the stately trees, where an area had been set up for guests. 

While guests began to arrive (many being transported via buses from local hotels) the musicians played welcoming music, setting the tone for a classy afternoon.

This wedding had a large guest count, when including our staff amounted to around 220. This meant an enormous amount of planning, preparation, and work!  The day of the wedding, a large team pulled everything together including a wedding planner, decorators, bar staff, the Museum staff, florists, musicians, and of course us, the Caterers. When the Ceremony had finished, we served appetizers under the "tea" tent, right beside these lovely gardens.

The Bride choose gold as her main wedding color, and this theme included the amazing gold chairs she had found! Decorations and flowers added the finishing touches.  While it was classy, it was not over the top.
We served a buffet style meal under a canopy separate from the main tent.  While this Venue has a kitchen, it was not large enough for us to serve anything but a primarily BBQ Entree.

For the Entree we served:

Marinated Canadian "AAA" Strip-loin Steak
Grilled Garlic Lime Chicken Breast
Seasoned Vegetable skewers- Zucchini, Mushrooms, Peppers, Red Onion
Roasted Garlic Baby Potatoes
Tri-color Pasta Salad
Broccoli Salad
SHC Maple Balsamic Salad
Garlic Sauce
Dills & Olives
Rolls & Butter

For Dessert, a lovely wedding cake was available for the cake cutting ceremony, and we provided our homemade chocolate cupcakes with fresh buttercream frosting. My house honestly smelled like a chocolate factory for two days...

 Heather and Aly, thank you for having us.  You guys are an amazing team!

Blessings from your Catering Crew:
Paul, Aimee, Nathan, Reg, Marnie, Leah, Margie, Randy, Fred, Steve.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Mill House and Barn- Picton, Ontario

     We recently visited this Venue to meet with an upcoming Bride and Groom.  This is a perfect location for a DIY wedding.  You choose who works with you (Caterer, DJ, Photographer etc.) what decor you will use- taking complete advantage of the fact that your wedding should reflect YOU!  There is ample room on the well manicured grounds to choose your outdoor ceremony location and set-up.  Lots of parking, as well as numerous bed and breakfasts in the region- and literally minutes from sandbanks provincial park.  For those out of town guests, this would be an amazing time to both celebrate the wedding of family and friends, and take advantage of some recreational activities as well.

The Mill House & Barn, Picton Ontario

Barn weddings are quickly becoming one of the most desired Venues.  What a delight it was for us to discover this gem-of-a-barn just over one hour away!
Our 2015 Couple is renting the Mill house for the week, to enjoy some time with family and friends-while having ample time to set up and prepare for their wedding day.
The back view of The Mill House

This House also offers 4 bedrooms plus the Master Suite, a fully equipped kitchen & laundry- and many more amenities.

We will be serving this wedding meal "Family Style."

This wedding will occur in September of 2015.  Look back for photos of the wedding day!

For more information on this Venue, contact the owners at: 613476-3827

Or visit their facebook page at: