Friday, March 27, 2015

SHC first wedding of 2015!...

     Wedding Season has begun again! 

 We just enjoyed the exciting time of working together with family and friends, as we put together a delicious Entree {and partial dessert} for over 190 guests.

This was accomplished with only 2 ovens, and major planning and electric roasters!
We served our homemade Buckingham Shortbread cookies with Royal Icing made beautiful with blue to match the wedding party. My Mom suggested we call these cookies "Dresden."
*These photos were taken by my good friend's 16 year old son, Caleb.  A definite photographer in process!

This beautiful Bride and Groom were married at Asbury Free Methodist Church, with the reception being held at Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church in Perth, Ontario.

We know this Couple personally, and were blessed to know many of the guests in attendance.  What a joy to be able to serve many of our friends! It was in many ways a group affair- as many friends and family members helped bring everything together.  Once the Bride and Groom had said farewell, friends and family pulled together to make sure everything was properly taken down, put away and tidied up for the Church service the next morning. It was a lovely gathering- and we were thankful to have shared our part in the evening. Our thanks go out to the many volunteers that helped throughout the evening to make everyone's job go a little smoother.

For dinner we served:

Chicken Divan
Garlic & rosemary baby potatoes
Green beans with Sauteed peppers and shallots
Garlic Sauce
Fresh homemade Tabouli
SHC Maple Balsamic salad
Caesar Salad
Rolls & Buns
Dills & Olives

This was a lovely meal, both in taste as well as presentation. The following photos show the wedding cakes provided through a friend of the family.

A lovely fruit-topped cheesecake.
A delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Blessings on your Marriage Dave and Rebekah, It was a privilege working with you!

Paul, Aimee and SHC Staff

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Greetings...

     To our clients of past and future, we want to say:

Merry Christmas! 

As Christians, this Season is very special to us- and we hope that you find great joy in Celebrating with your family and loved ones.  We know that Christmas brings many engagements- and we congratulate you, and rejoice with you!
May you find rest and comfort this Christmas as you Celebrate the birth of Jesus!

This is what it's all about...

We look forward to speaking with many of you in the near future.  Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Paul and Aimee

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Catering your Christmas Party...

It's that time of year again! The joyous, engaging time when we love to get together with family and friends.  Unlike other Holiday's, this season begins much earlier then the actual date.  We are in the midst of booking Christmas parties, often work related.  We are more then happy to do the work for you! Call soon to reserve your time and date. 
 Mid-week events as well as weekends are booking quickly.

Our Turkey dinners consist of:

Ham & Pineapple (an additional cost)
Homemade stuffing
Fresh homemade gravy
Creamy mashed potatoes
Rutabaga/sweet potato medley
Choice of vegetable
Homemade cranberry sauce
Rolls & Butter
Dills & Olives

Tea and coffee service included at no charge.
Dessert extra.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Professional food pictures...

What a treat it is to receive photos from one of the Wedding Photographers!  So often we try to get out to take "food pictures", but the same moment that the food is ready, our Customers are also ready!
We dislike the idea of bringing out our food steaming hot, guests coming to the line as we say "Wait!" and quickly proceed to snap some pictures. All Credit to these lovely photographs go to Melinda Carriere from Studio Booth Photography. 
 Contact her at :613-217-9314

These Photos were from September of 2014, while we were at Maplehurst Manor. We served the meal outdoors under a covered tent. While the new owners of Maplehurst will now provide their own catering, it was a privilege to have been there three times this last wedding season.
Our becoming-famous Signature SHC Maple Balsamic Salad

Down the buffet line you see: Prime Rib, Chicken Divan, Creamy garlic mashed potatoes, Orange glazed baby carrots, rolls and butter, and Dills and olives & our freshly prepared salad.  This is one of our most popular meal combinations when a kitchen is available to us.

Thank you Melinda for sharing these with us. 

Until Next time, happy wedding planning!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A beautiful backyard wedding and reception...

I tend to start my posts off commenting on the sunny weather of our catering events. 
 But not so this time!! This was a dark, cold, dreary, wet & rainy day!!
Honestly the worst wedding weather we have encountered yet.
 the ceremony and reception were so beautifully done, that the rainy outdoors didn't matter a bit!

I will add that this couple planned their wedding at the Bride's mom's home just outside of Carleton Place, while they are living out West.  This can be a very difficult task- but they handled it well.  It doesn't hurt that the Bride's mom- who by the way made most of the items you see in these photos, is an interior decorator.
The family brought the outdoors in with this beautifully decorated covered tent.

While not the clearest photo, I wanted you to see the lights hanging from the ceiling. In the evening as the sun went down, this provided a beautiful backdrop to the couples reception.

The Bride and Groom provided their own appetizers, while we supplied the Entrée, and part of dessert.

  For Dinner we served:

Marinated steak
Marinated Chicken breast
 BBQ'd salmon steaks for a couple of Vegetarian guests
Roasted baby potatoes
Green beans
Homemade garlic herb sauce
SHC Maple Balsamic Salad
Rolls & Butter
Dills & Olives

We also provided the tea and coffee service, along with Pumpkin Gingerbread Bars.

We prepared this wedding meal based on the use of the family home.  This was a lovely family- and we felt quite welcomed and taken care of- they went out of their way to be sure we had the room and fridge space we needed.

Thanks for having us Mitch and Jenna!  Congratulations on your marriage!

Paul, Aimee and SHC Staff