Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A beautiful backyard wedding and reception...

I tend to start my posts off commenting on the sunny weather of our catering events. 
 But not so this time!! This was a dark, cold, dreary, wet & rainy day!!
Honestly the worst wedding weather we have encountered yet.
 the ceremony and reception were so beautifully done, that the rainy outdoors didn't matter a bit!

I will add that this couple planned their wedding at the Bride's mom's home just outside of Carleton Place, while they are living out West.  This can be a very difficult task- but they handled it well.  It doesn't hurt that the Bride's mom- who by the way made most of the items you see in these photos, is an interior decorator.
The family brought the outdoors in with this beautifully decorated covered tent.

While not the clearest photo, I wanted you to see the lights hanging from the ceiling. In the evening as the sun went down, this provided a beautiful backdrop to the couples reception.

The Bride and Groom provided their own appetizers, while we supplied the Entrée, and part of dessert.

  For Dinner we served:

Marinated steak
Marinated Chicken breast
 BBQ'd salmon steaks for a couple of Vegetarian guests
Roasted baby potatoes
Green beans
Homemade garlic herb sauce
SHC Maple Balsamic Salad
Rolls & Butter
Dills & Olives

We also provided the tea and coffee service, along with Pumpkin Gingerbread Bars.

We prepared this wedding meal based on the use of the family home.  This was a lovely family- and we felt quite welcomed and taken care of- they went out of their way to be sure we had the room and fridge space we needed.

Thanks for having us Mitch and Jenna!  Congratulations on your marriage!

Paul, Aimee and SHC Staff

Monday, September 1, 2014

A vintage, Victorian-style themed wedding at Maplehurst Manor...

Another beautiful day for a wedding, in a charming, nostalgic setting.  We returned again to Maplehurst Manor to cater a wedding reception for approximately 80 guests.  The family and friends of the Couple were extremely polite and courteous.  The Bride and Groom were easy going, wanting a welcoming atmosphere where their guests could enjoy the setting, relax with food and friends, and enjoy a hearty, well prepared meal to Celebrate the Couples new life together.

This lovely photo of the table set up-as well as the next photo was taken by Genevieve Georgette at FIFTEEN: FIFTY-ONE photography.  What an amazing job she did!

We served appetizers outdoors in the beautifully landscaped courtyard.  Items available consisted of:

Assorted cheese and crackers*including gluten free
Fruit platters with homemade banana  dip
Our homemade spinach and cheese squares
Brie cheese with a homemade Apple walnut topper (A huge hit- we had guests waiting while we prepared a second one!)...
Served with fresh baguette bread

Guests were able to relax in the courtyard while listening to live music from a very talented musician. 
The Bride had always wanted a wedding with this style- vintage tea cups and layered dishes, atop lace tablecloths with simple roses and charming oil lamps.  This wedding was classy, yet had the welcoming feel of friends and family that the newly married couple was seeking.

We served our Maple balsamic salad to each table, then proceeded with the buffet line.  The food consisted of:

Prime Rib
Chicken Divan
Creamy garlic mashed potatoes
Baby carrots in a gingered orange glaze
Beef gravy
Rolls & butter
Dills & Olives

For dessert, the Mother of the Bride provided her famous trifle in lovely china bowls, and the mother of the groom provided her famous chocolate cake :)

We added-
Homemade chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in fresh buttercream frosting
Brownies with icing and a chocolate swirl
Buckingham shortbread cookies with wedding-matched toppings

Then to finish the evening off, we prepared for Midnight buffet-
Assorted Panini sandwiches with condiments on the side
Vegetable platters with fresh dip
Pumpernickel bread with spinach dip

What a charming and classy event this was.  This Venue is such a wonderful backdrop to any wedding style.  We will return again to Maplehurst Manor one last time this year, then will not be able to accept further bookings here.  Maplehurst has been bought by a company that will offer their own in-house catering.  You are certain to enjoy what they have to offer.

Up next is our wedding at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre in Peterborough, Ontario

Many blessings!

Paul, Aimee, and SHC Staff

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A "Royal" Kingston Curling Club wedding...

     I know I seem to say this often, but what a lovely, sweet, adorable couple!! It makes our job an absolute pleasure to serve such wonderful people. Again, I am reminded what a blessed business we are in.  This wedding season, my Mother and Father in-law have come along side to help, and their comment was "Why wouldn't we love this, we get to go to a wedding every weekend!" And they are right! Never mind the days or hours and hours of work involved, the end result is always the same. 

We are part of one of the most memorable days in our Clients lives.

 Thank you Prince and Chantale for having us!
This couple had their original caterer cancel just two weeks before their wedding. We also had a cancellation, so our dates worked out well.  We are so glad they did!
They choose red and black as their accents- the room was lovely.

For dinner we served:

Homemade Caesar salad
Prime Rib
Beef gravy
Chicken Divan
Creamy garlic mashed potatoes
Baby ginger & brown sugar carrots
Rolls & Butter
Dills & olives

We really enjoy catering at the Royal Kingston Curling club.  As far as kitchens, it has one of our favourite work spaces with ample ovens, burners and refrigeration.  A rare treat!

Here is our staff for our weekly photo.  Aren't they a lovely bunch?

Thanks for visiting.  Our next wedding was at Maplehurst Manor, in Maitland Ontario. 
...more on that soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A pool side Wedding rehearsal...

     What a lovely idea!  This beautiful Couple was getting married the next day, but wanted to have their wedding rehearsal catered.  All of their out of town guests, closest friends and family members- as well as the wedding party were invited. When the rehearsal was completed at the Church, all headed here to enjoy appetizers, then their meal- in a leisurely fashion beside the pool. The wedding was scheduled for the next day, with the wedding guests invited to a restaurant in Downtown Ottawa to celebrate the Couple's official wedding day. (I apologize for the quality of these photos.  I took them on my phone when we realized we had forgotten the camera at home!)


For Dinner, the couple opted to have us serve Marinated meat and vegetable skewers.  We served:
Steak and vegetable skewers
Chicken and vegetable skewers
Shrimp and vegetable skewers
Roasted garlic potatoes
Maple balsamic salad
Tri-color pasta salad
Homemade garlic sauce
Rolls & butter
Dills & Olives

The Parents of the Bride offered their beautifully landscaped grounds to hold this special dinner party.

We served appetizers beside the pool (And let me tell you, during the hotter parts of the afternoon- before the guests arrived, I had to remind my staff that it would NOT be professional if the hosts came back to find our staff dripping wet!!)

For appetizers, we served a lovely selection of fresh vegetables with delicious homemade dipping sauce, Hummus and Naan Bread, Assorted crackers- including sweet potato gluten free (a huge hit!)
Our famous spinach and cheese squares, Pumpernickel bread with spinach dip, and a variety of cheese and grapes. 
 This was light and welcomed in the hot afternoon.

We are asked to cater many different events.  This was the first time we had been asked to cater a wedding rehearsal.  It was a delightful time to be there- the night before the wedding.  Definitely a different perspective of the Bride.

We are about to begin a long line of weddings- a few places we will be at in the near future include:
Royal Kingston Curling club
Maplehurst Manor (twice)
Market Hall Performing Arts Center
Madoc Lions Hall
Several backyards- one being the home of an interior decorator- I can't wait!

Many blessings-


Thursday, July 10, 2014

A lovely, rustic wedding in a Century Barn in Cavan...

   This gloriously sunny day provided the perfect backdrop for an outdoor ceremony.  The lovely landscaped grounds and the stately and magnificent renovated Century barn hosted the setting for this adorable couple to both say their vows, and have a delicious dinner and reception!  We arrived around noon to begin our set up and to prepare food.  We served appetizers under the cool shade of the trees then proceeded with a lovely line-up of freshly prepared and BBQ'd food.
The photographer told us that in over 1000 weddings (28 years of work) we were the top of the wedding meals.  Quite a compliment!! 
~Be sure to read the review from the lovely Mother of the Bride (Julie) in our "Review" section.
All of us posing for a picture before the appetizers were served-while we were still setting up.  We served: Non-alcoholic punch, pumpernickel bread & spinach dip, shrimp and cocktail sauce, Naan bread & hummus, cheese balls, assorted cheese & a multitude of cracker varieties (including gluten free.)

Guests were able to mingle outdoors during cocktail hour.  Thankfully the barn provided shade as the day progressed.

For dinner we served:
Marinated BBQ'd steak
Marinated BBQ'd Chicken breast
Roasted herbed sweet potato medley with baby potatoes, red peppers & onions.
Broccoli Salad
Pasta Salad
Maple Balsamic Salad
Garlic sauce
Rolls & butter
Dills & olives

*All of our marinades, sauces, dressings and dips are homemade.

While the majority of the dessert was supplied by family, we added our pumpkin gingerbread bars to the mix.

Midnight buffet food included:
Panini sandwiches with assorted meats
Spinach & cheese squares
Fruit platter
Homemade Guacamole with nachos & salsa

The owners of this Venue- Dave and Susan Stewart have done an amazing job with this Venue.  What a treat it is to cater here!  We greatly enjoyed our time here, and look forward to returning in 2015!

Until next time,
Paul, Aimee and SHC staff